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MoneyLion was established in 2013 to bring in cash more receptive and to engage customers to assume more prominent responsibility for their monetary lives. We accept that by building better, more astute items we can help individuals to fabricate positive, practical monetary propensities.

The advantages of MoneyLion individual credits:

No prepayment punishment. You can take care of your MoneyLion advance right on time without surprising expenses.

Reference program. Contingent upon your advance, you could decrease your rate considerably through companion supports called “helps.”

Quick turnaround. When endorsed, you could get your advance when the following business day.

Free credit checking. Through a relationship with TransUnion, you might be qualified to check your credit for nothing and without influencing your score.

Advance Features

MoneyLion accepts that cash should be more congenial for everybody. We offer our clients the most recent developments in close to home monetary innovation so they can screen their credit, track their accounts, take an advance and improve their monetary wellbeing all the more effectively – all on the web or through our versatile application.

Here are the free advantages and administrations for MoneyLion account holders:

Free credit observing: track and lift your score

Prizes focuses redeemable for gift vouchers

Cautions to assist you with dodging expenses and misrepresentation

Monetary following for your bank and venture accounts

Customized tips to assist you with sparing more

MoneyLion likewise offers a paid enrollment called Plus with extra advantages:

Admittance to a $500 advance at 5.99% APR, regardless of whether you don’t have incredible credit

$1 cashback reward, only for swiping through your everyday application cards

Mechanized investment funds, put beside every check

Completely guided venture account, so you can develop your new investment funds

Credit Builder: on-time advance installments are accounted for to authorities

More rewards dependent on your investment funds

At last, MoneyLion offers portion advances without participation as a feature of our LionLoans and MoneyLion loaning items:

Completely straightforward and clear application cycle and terms

Early adjustments with no punishment

Credit Builder: on-time advance installments are accounted for to agencies

Acquire rewards focuses for good credit installment conduct

We’ll work with you through troublesome occasions to guarantee you remain on target

You can start utilizing our free items, try out a Plus participation, or apply for a credit by visiting or downloading our versatile application and making another record.

Application Process

Application rules:

1. Checked Identity

2. US perpetual occupant, more than 18 years.

3. Utilized with pay

4. A financial records with:

• Direct store checks

• Positive record balance

• Passes our qualification screening

Applying for an advance at MoneyLion takes only a couple minutes. On the off chance that you are a first time client, visit or downloading our portable application and start by making another record.

Snap “Join for Free.” You’ll be incited to set up a record with us and afterward follow the means to join and round out a credit application.

On the off chance that you are a returning client, sign into the record to get to your MoneyLion dashboard, and afterward click “New Loan.” Most of your data will pre-populate the application dependent on your last credit demand. Simply make certain to refresh whatever has changed.

Reimbursement Terms

Least Loan Amount $1,000

Greatest Loan Amount $35,000

Credit Term 1 – 3 years

Min APR 7 – 29.99%

Client assistance

P.O. Box 1547

Sandy, UT 84091-1547


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